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Our host's/experts & brands

Here you can see our hosts and absolute top experts, as well as the coolest products and brands!

Here you will find all the expert talks & events!

If you are interested in becoming a host/speaker or have a product that you would like to present, please send us an email at


Alain - Founder/CEO EncoSphera

Host: Networking, Hot Topic's & Investing

Alain is a visionary entrepreneur who co-founded EncoSphera with his stepson, an innovative project in the realm of the metaverse. His passion lies in the latest technologies such as crypto, Web3, and digital innovations. He values exchanges with like-minded individuals and is always interested in the opinions and knowledge of others. As an enthusiastic networker, he continuously strives to expand and maintain his professional network.

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Stella - CM EncoSphera

Host: Travel & Lifestyle

Stella is a passionate globetrotter whose heart beats for discovering new places. Whenever her schedule allows, she packs her backpack and sets off on a new adventure. With a wealth of experience from different cultures, Stella offers valuable travel and hotel tips, as well as practical dos and don'ts for the road. In her VR talks, she shares inspiring stories and useful advice that will help you perfect your next travel plans. So, participate in Stella's talks to ensure your next adventure is unforgettable.

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Gustavo - CEO Kuble AG

Host: AI & Metaverse

Gustavo is a visionary leader with over 20 years of experience in digital media, marketing, and technology, specializing in AI, Web3, and the metaverse. He founded the Metaverse Academy, an innovative platform designed for immersive and interactive learning in these advanced domains. Gustavo also leads innovation at Kuble AG, a digital agency focused on increasing brand credibility and engagement on the social web. His mission is to empower and inspire individuals of all ages and backgrounds to explore emerging technologies, sharing his knowledge through various publications on digital transformation, online marketing, and social media.

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Host/Speaker & Brands

If you are interested in becoming a host/speaker or have a product that you would like to present, please send us an email at


    Etienne - Co-Founder EncoSphera

    Host: Luxury & Party/Festival's

    Etienne is an open-minded and sociable entrepreneur with a keen eye for innovation and luxury. Together with his stepfather, he founded EncoSphera, a company in the emerging field of the metaverse. His enthusiasm for the latest trends, parties, and festivals drives him to bring these experiences closer to the community and provide exclusive access. With a flair for unique events and a strong sense of community, Etienne strives to create unforgettable experiences and push the boundaries of what's possible in both the metaverse and the real world.

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